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My Quartz

Why is important to make it manageable?


Because in order for a specific quartz to help you, they need to be located correctly to heal you o help you. So I made it stainless steel in order to make a pretty jewelry that will last forever and in low cost.

3 charms se pueden ubicar de acuerdo a su necesidad para #sanar, sea aretes, collar, pulseras, 🧷 pins. Esta hecho para que sea manejable el uso del #cuarzo y poder ubicarlos en sus #chackras. 🔮 Custom inbox 📥 This charm you can implement it in whatever part of your body that needs the quartz. I made it in that purpose. You can put them as an earring, necklace, bracelets🔮✨ Etc. necklace is not included 🔮


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