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Zodiac Sexting 💫

Cap lol! Umm hahhaahahah wth ✨

Sexting 📨📲

  1. ♈️Aries: “Send me a nude"

  2. ♉️Taurus: “come FUCK me right now

  3. ♊️Gemini: “Want to come over and watch a movie

  4. ♋️Cancer: “Hey come cuddle

  5. ♌️Leo: *Drops an unexpected nude in your dms*

  6. ♍️Virgo: *Doesn’t know what that is*

  7. ♎️Libra: “I want to fuck the shit out of you right now

  8. ♏️Scorpio: *doesn’t need to sext cuz they already fucked you good.*

  9. ♐️Sagittarius: “babe FaceTime me I wanna see it all”

  10. ♑️Capricorn: “Come choke me

  11. ♒️Aquarius: “Come give me head

  12. ♓️Pisces: “I want to bend you over and fuck you slow

Via: Krystina Von Silva ♎️✨💜

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